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I believe the game is too difficult once the second player avatar is introduced. It becomes disorienting to control and the mechanics go from challenging to annoying. 

I made this account just to tell you how awesome this game is. It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s simple to understand. Keep up the great work!

thank you for making an account just to tell me nice things!!!

Hard mode is pain, I love this game.

I absolutely love your game! Very hard yet soooo fun XD Love the aesthetics and cool ideas..

gr8 game

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Really good! I loved it and would pay for a "just 10 boss fights" full game. Love the gameplay and the difficulty factor of it. Really charming game and overall great job and I'd love to see more

11/10, challenging, but good

so good

I had so much fun playing your game that I made a video about it! For some reason my computer doesn't like PICO audio, so I ended up doing all the foley myself O.o

Thanks for making this title, it's pretty rad.


why did you just release this on itch?

(+1) aligns with my values in a cute way that other platforms sadly don't


Not what I mean, I mean : why did you wait so long to release it on itch?

Coulda sworn I released it on in Feb 2018 right when it was created ~shrug~

i love how this game a few months old and has an active community, that's something very little indie games can accomplish

Is there a way to get/find the music for this game? I'd love to listen to it outside of just gameplay.

If you have Pico-8, you can download the cart then export the music yourself.


This is so awesome and fun! Great game

i finally managed to beat hard mode. and i still don't even know what the protagonist is.

Me neither! I call 'em bloop


is there a story? and if not, can you make one up?

I made a speedrun live commentary video for this game. It was really fun

You did it! Nice job!

epic game

this is the hardest thing ever because of the dual

Oh look who uses itch!


Haha hail there traveler!



Please keep us updated Isaac. The suspense is killing us

Phase 3 hard mode is hell on  earth.

I BEAT IT!!!!!!!


Ah I used to play this all the time in school in 2019, dang the memories.


I did it :D


I'm proud of you ;)


it was fun until you made 2 guys for me to control

i cant win phase 4


Yes you can I believe in you!

how to i get to the forth phase, there is  pitture of a forth phase


If you beat normal mode you'll be able to access hard mode from the main menu by pressing the LEFT arrow key

oh thank you


your right, hard means hard, I NEVER NEEDED TWO OF MY AND 6 OF HIM

Why two?! we never needed two! Love it


I absolutely love this game, its difficult, but fun! And the music slaps, I even made fanart of it :)


You cannot tell us about your beautiful fanart and not post a link!

Here you go :) - btw, does the character you play as have a name?

Augh I love it  T_T  thank you kindly! I just call em Bloop

Heh, thats a cute name  :)

hey how do i get to the 5 phase, or at least i think its the fourth

very difficult. Especially when you are fighting more than one at once.


This was an incredible experience, a great little game. I think that if you will expand the formula and add some different bosses this could become a really solid game, to be released everywhere! Good Luck!

i rated 5 star :)

Great game. Boss fights are one thing games need help on, so a game with just one boss, has a good boss fight.

Sequal soon? This game is the best?

I know right??

this game is SO hard I give it 10/10

I thout this agme was gone forever phe

@briggs cool game :D

fun game, sadly i died when green bloop was introduced

That part is really hard, isnt it?


wow nice game


Q dificil!!!



There there

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